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Links and Resources

A selection of resources on the University District, the greater Seattle region, and urban history more generally. Many of the sources listed here can be easily found by conducting keyword search at the UW library's page.

Digital Resources

HSTAA 208: The City, Research Guide-A digital resource for completing research projects on the University District using library resources at the University of Washington.

UW Library, Special Collections-The University of Washington's Special Collections is an invaluable resource for archival documents on the University District. The Seattle Photographs page provides an extensive collection of digitized historic photographs of Seattle that can be searched by neighborhood.

Historic Seattle, Neighborhood Inventories-Pamphlets completed in 1976 on the histories of individual Seattle neighborhoods, inlcuding photographs, maps, and descriptions of common buildings.

Seattle Now and Then-A blog on Seattle's history by Paul Dorpat

Historic Seattle Transit Maps-A collection of resources on the history of Seattle's public transportation, including historic maps, run by the Department of Transportation.

Seattle Maps and Atlases-The Seattle Public Library hosts a  collection of historic maps and atlases that can all be viewed digitally.

Books, Theses, and Dissertations

Adair, Karen Elizabeth, Organized Women Workers in Seattle 1900-1918. (M.A. Thesis, University of Washington), 1990.

Bagley, Clarence, History of Seattle from the Earliest Settlement to the Present Time. Chicago: S.J. Clarke, 1913.

Berner, Richard C. Seattle 1900-1920: From Boomtown to Restoration. Seattle: St. Charles Press, 1991.

Brier, Howard Maxwell, Sawdust Empire: The Pacific Northwest. New York; Knopf, 1958.

Dorpat, Paul and Genevieve McCoy, Building Washington: A History of Washington State Public Works, Seattle, Wash.:Tartu Publications, 1998.

Gantt, Anne Ewens. One Step at a Time : A Staged Approach to Improving Livability in Seattle's University District. (M. Arch Thesis, University of Washington) 2010.

Gold, Jerome. The Burg and Other Seattle Scenes : Mostly True Stories. Mill Creek, WA: Black Heron Press, 2012.

Klingle, Matthew. Emerald city : an environmental history of Seattle. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2007.

Knapp, D. W., and University District Development Council. A History of the University District Development Council, 1970-January 31, 1973. Seattle, Wash.: Office of Vice Pres. for Business and Finance, University of Washington, 1973.

Nielsen, Roy G. UniverCity : The City within City, the Story of the University District. Seattle]: [University Lions Foundation], 1986.

Ochsner, Jeffrey Karl. The Architects Who Shaped Seattle. Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1999.

Mason, Kerry Ann. The Communicating City : Spatializing a Creative Economy in the University District, Seattle. (M. Arch Thesis, University of Washington) 2010.

McCune, Cal. From Romance to Riot : A Seattle Memoir. Seattle, WA: C. McCune, 1996.

Pirie, Ken, "Preserving an Industrial Heritage: Identifying South Lake Union Historic Sites in the Face of Development Pressure". The Urban Design & Planning Magazine, University of Washington, June 1993.

Steinbrueck, Victor and Folke Nyberg. Eastlake and Cascade: An Inventory of Buildings and Urban Design Resources. Seattle: Historic Seattle, 1975.

Thrush, Coll. Native Seattle: Histories from the crossing-over place Seattle: University of Washington Press, 2007.

Maps and City Directories

Richardson Associates. The Ave, a Program for the Revitalization of the University District Core, Seattle, Washington. Seattle?]: [publisher Not Identified], 1971.

R. L. Polk and Company. Polk's Directory to the City of Seattle

Tourmap Company. Seattle's University District Tourmap 1972. Seattle, Wash.: Tourmap, 1972.

Town Graphics. The University District Discovery Map, Seattle, Washington. Woodinville, WA: Town Graphics, 1998.

University District Restaurant Map : [Seattle, Washington]. Seattle?]: [publisher Not Identified], 1993.

Studies and Plans

University District Study Citizens Advisory Committee, and Seattle . Office for Long-range Planning. Concept Plan for the University District. Seattle, Wash.: Office for Long-range Planning, 1990.

University District Transportation Program. Action Plan. Seattle, Wash.]: Seattle Engineering Dept., Transportation Division, 1988.

Whitley, Janice., and Andersen, William R. University District Downzone Plan, Seattle, Washington : A Case Study. University of Washington. School of Law. Student Papers. Seattle], 1975.

Films and Oral Histories

Dodson, Dawnee., Sweetie Films, University District Museum without Walls, and Seattle . Department of Neighborhoods. Open to Question Voices from the University District. Seattle, Wash.: University District Museum without Walls, 2009.