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Seminar Series in Nanoscience and Molecular Engineering (NME)  - 

originally a NSF Nanotechnology Undergraduate Education (NUE) Program (NSF  0938558)



NME Option Programs – Seminar Series – NME 221/321/421

Nanoscience & Molecular Engineering


Spring 2017 - Thursdays, 8:30 – 9:20 a.m., MLR 301




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Coordinator: Professor René M. Overney

245 Benson, E-mail the coordinator

206-543-4353, FAX 206-543-3778




Course Description and Requirements


-  NME 221 – This seminar will offer students an introduction to nanoscale science and molecular engineering, familiarize them with research and educational opportunities in nanotechnology on campus, and provide an initial intellectual forum where they can share their interests in NME. NME 221 students are required in addition to attending the seminars to visit a research laboratory and compose a report on the research (or an aspect of it) conducted in the visited lab.

-  NME 321 – Having already obtained an appreciation for Nanoscience and Molecular Engineering, and getting started in conducting research themselves, students will learn on how to plan and tackle research challenges by example (i.e. seminars), put their work into the framework of others, and to present and interpret data. NME 321 students are required in addition to attending the seminars to compose essays on contemporary societal and ethical issues.

-  NME 421 – Students will present orally an aspect of their research experience, emphasizing research objectives and motivation, and address the research hypothesis and how it was tested. Findings shall be discussed within the framework of the open literature.


Course Credit


Course credit will be based on reasonable attendance (a minimum of 8 out of 10), plus for

- NME 221 students see: NME 221 Assignments to obtain course credit

- NME 321 students see: NME 321 Assignments to obtain course credit

- NME 421 students see: NME 421 Research Presentation Details


Required Reading

Seminar handouts.

Seminar Presentations (Downloads)

Mar. 30:     Introduction to Nanoscience and Molecular Engineering

                   Prof. René Overney (ChemE)


Apr. 6:       Visualization of replication conflicts at the molecular scale

                  Prof. Paul Wiggins (BioE)


Apr. 13:     Optoelectronics in Flatland: Graphene and beyond

                    Prof. Xiadong Xu (PHY), Dr. Colin Chow


Apr. 20:     Flame synthesis of nano-structured materials

                  Prof. Igor Novosselov (ME)


Apr. 27:     Dramatic nanofluidics and active membrane devices

                   Prof. Bruce Hinds (MSE)


May 4:       Molecular Biomimetics - Peptide-enabled Materials for Technology and Medicine

                   Prof. Mehmet Sarikaya (MSE)


May 11:     Dynamics of geometrically nonlinear microstructured materials

                   Prof. Nicholas Bochler (ME)


May 18:     The landscapes of equilibrium and living matters

                   Prof. Hong Qian (AMATH)


May 25:     Engineering Nanomaterials and Device Structures for Photovoltaic and Photodetector Applications

                   Prof. Quiming Yu (CHEME)


May 1:       TBD