A Scholastic Collaboration between

University of Washington's Department of Germanics,

University of Tlön's Department of Folklore,

and Uqbar University's Department of History


Sponsored by Orbis Tertius

Hosted by the UW Department of Germanics


Welcome to the University of Washington
The coordinators of the 2006 Sebald Symposium are proud to welcome participants and audience members alike to one of the pre-eminent research institutions in the United States. We are pleased at this opportunity to host a discussion of the most current academic work concerning German writer W.G. Sebald. The papers presented at this symposium were produced by up-and-coming scholars from some of the finest universities in the world.

Sebald Symposium 2006
This symposium was conceived as a starting point in an effort toward a multi-perspectival understanding of the works of W.G. Sebald. It is hoped that the same sensitivity with which one must forge through Sebald's labyrinthine prose, in which it is sometimes difficult to discern between reality and its fictionalized representations, is brought to bear in any approach to this symposium. In publishing the proceedings of the symposium to the world wide web, the participants wish to create an open forum for scholarship that will continue to grow as readership of W.G. Sebald expands.

"One Way to Live Cheaply and Without Tears"