This web site was created by students in statistics and public affairs from the University of Washington. This site takes a look at the rising sea levels caused by climate change and how they will impact the Puget Sound region, with a special focus on Olympia. The city of Olympia is particularly vulnerable to a rise in sea level, due to its location and the layout of the city. Our goal is to provide an introduction to this important issue, the effect it is expected to have in our area, and the options we have for addressing it.

The information on this site comes from two types of sources. First, a review of the research that has already been done on sea level rise and how it may impact Olympia. This includes sea level rise predictions, the impacts sea level rise would have on this region, and potential policy options for mitigating those impacts. Second, statistical analysis of climate and sea level data. This analysis provides an up-to-date estimate of the sea level rise that can be expected in Olympia.

Photograph from Seattle Times, Olympia, December 3, 2007