TCSS 342B, Winter 2006
Mathematical Principles of Computing I

Be sure to check out the supplemental book material; it includes all code examples from the book as well as a list of errors that are in the book.

Look here for a directory listing of all slides and notes.

Week 1 Notes
The in-class worksheet on calculating big-Oh, as well as answers to the worksheet.

slides for course overview and review of math..

Week 2 Notes
Slides reviewing some Java, and introducing ADTS, especialy the SetADT.

SetADT programming example problem.

Slides for lists, stacks, and queues.

Week 3 Notes
Fast radix sort algorithm document.

Slides about Recursion and Induction, and other proof techniques.

Week 4 Notes
Slides about searching and introductory sorting.

Week 5 Notes

Slides about Binary trees and Binary Search trees.

Slides about tree traversals.

Slides about Balanced binary search trees.

Week 6 Notes

Worksheet practicing binary tree stuff

Worksheet about practicing various sorting algorithms.

Week 7 Notes
A java applet showing the behaviour of binary trees and balanced binary trees.

Slides on the proving the height of AVL trees.

Slides about the Set and Map ADTs.

Slides about hashing.

Week 8 Notes

Hashing practice handout

Slides on heaps and priority queues.

Worksheet on practicing heaps.

Week 9 Notes
slides on multiway search trees.

document on transforming red-black trees into (2,4) tree.