links for teachers

Dictionaries and Reading Tools

On-line dictionary to translate Japanese texts and to check kanji for its pronunciations, meanings, and stroke order.
Search engine for joyo kanji (kanji designated for daily use). Non-joyo kanji is marked in red.
A tool which automatically augments Japanese webpages with pronunciation of Kanji.
Dictionary tool and level checker for vocabulary and kanji.
A neat dictionary that shows pronunciations and translates English to Japanese and vice versa, using popup windows for descriptions.
Updated: A plugin for the Firefox browser that makes a Rikai translation (with popup windows) possible from a menu. Very cool!
A plugin to Firefox that causes <ruby> tags to show as furigana in HTML.

Grammar and Vocabulary Practice

Multiple choice questions covering English to Japanese translation, and vice versa.
A list of practices for "Nakama."
Flashcards for words and conjugations.
Interactive exercises for words.
Comic strips which introduce various onomatopoeia.
Information on the JLPT and sample questions.
Practices for particles.
Interactive exercises, vocabulary practice, situational video, etc.
Self-practice for kana, words, counters, etc.
Hiragana and katakana exercises, stroke order of kanji, and vocabulary list.
More than 1,000 quizzes and sets of flashcards based on a Japanese newspaper word frequency list.

Kanji, Katakana, and Hiragana Practice

Great animation showing how kanji is created.
Paper version of kanji flashcards.
Interactive kanji quizzes.
A variety of articles dealing with kanji learning written in Japan Times articles.
Japanese explanations about the origin and history of kanji.
Games for kanji practice.
Flash quizzes and kanji lists.
Introduction of katakana characters and listening and reading practices.
Exciting games for kana typing!

Listening Practice

Introductory video clips for various universities in Japan. Windows Media Player is required.
Various conversation on general and business topics from beginning to advanced level.
Video clips of Japanese news with gap-filling quizzes. QuickTime is required.
Video clips of Japanese news and other listening quizzes for 3 levels: intermediate, advanced and superior.
Audio files with scripts. one star for the beginners, two stars for the intermediate level, and three stars for the advanced level.
Various short listening samples.
Comic strips with audio. QuickTime is required.
Short dialogues with animation for listening and learning about Japanese school life.
Readings on culture with Japanese narration.
Audio photo essays with Japanese scripts.
Short conversations for sightseeing and homestay.
Live news.

Reading Practice: Japanese News

Weekly news for junior high and elementary school students.
Recent news and discussion boards for kids.
News for junior high and elementary school students.
Explanations of recent news for junior high and elementary school students.

Reading Practice: Other Japanese Text

A great collection of Japanese picture books with pretty pictures.
Electronic library: download great Japanese literary works for free!
Umi ni shizunda oni [The ogre who sank down to the bottom of the sea]. Japanese version includes audio and nice pictures.
Folktales in 11 languages. You can read them in a big font.
Readings for Japanese learners at a variety of levels, mostly for advanced learners.
Japanese classical and mordern literature with ruby and dictionary settings.
A great source for classic literature such as Genji monogatari.
Japanese folktales with shadow pictures and sound.
Readings about culture, history, and life in Japan.
Folktales from all over the world with pretty animations.
On-line quarterly magazine about various topics. Both English and Japanese texts.
Dictionary-aided readings and comprehension quizzes.

Writing Practice: Letter writing

A service which helps teachers link with partners in other cultures and countries for email classroom pen-pal and other project exchanges.
A FREE account to access services like posting ads for ePALS. Sign up for it using the "member area" link near the top right of the page.
Postcards with Japanese ancient pictures and sounds.
Examples of various types of formal letters.
Japanese E-card.

Instructional Help: Japanese Grammar and Vocabulary

Teaching materials for "Teema betsu chuukyuu kara manabu nihongo" and "Nihongo chuukyuu."
Teaching materials database by teacher index, theme index, and grammar index.
Teaching materials for "NAKAMA 1/2."
Explanation on Japanese grammar.
Teaching ideas and online practices for "Genki 1/2."
Kokugo hyoki, etc.
Teaching materials for "Minna no nihongo 1/2."
An instructional page for teachers to share their instructional ideas or pictures.
Kobo-chan, etc.
Bulletin boards for Japanese language teaching, materials, etc.
Bulletin boards for Japanese language teaching, materials, etc.
Forum for Japanese teaching, comments on books, ranking in book stores.
"Nihongo Q & A" and "Nihongo oshiekata soodanshitsu."
Grammar explanations.
Resources, publication, library, etc.

Instructional Help: English Grammar

A list of words with meanings that contradict each other.
A list of common mistakes at a word level.
A page for English teacher: discussion forum, quizzes, slang, etc.
A search engine for English and Japanese expressions in email messages.
Explanations on linguistic terminologies and English vocabulary.
Explanations and quizzes on grammar and writing: word and sentence level, paragraph level, essay and research paper level, etc.
An introduction of the grammar book which features grammar, style, diction, word formation, gender, social groups, and scientific forms.
A list of words that are spelled identically but have different meanings when pronounced differently.
Various info on English instruction: grammar, software, langauge programs, etc.

Instructional Help : Photos

Pictures for "Japanese: The Spoken Language."
Photos of sightseeing spots. You can send these as postcards.
Wonderful, free pictures of famous places in Japan.
Themed pictures of Japan.

Instructional Help: Clip Art

Great gif animation of famous people's portraits.
Search by English alphabet.
Selected graphics from various websites.
Selected graphics from various websites.
A collection of picture cards.
A link of Japanese clip arts, pictures, etc.
Cute webpage graphics for free.
Japanese styles clip art.
A lot of pictures, photos, and message movies in "photo data bank" and "deai."

Instructional help : Media

Popular CMs.
A list of live TV programs.
Live radio programs in 22 languages.
Live news.

Technology: Computing and Software

Tutorial movies for use of various software. A subscription-based service for $49.99 per year.
Information on Japanese computing. (PDF file)
Information on creating a Japanese language setting in your MAC.
Info on Japanese computing and computer-based instructional resources.
On-line community where people solve computer problems together.
On-line training movie library. A subscription-based service for $25 per month.
A tool to fix most mojibake problems on reading Japanese e-mails.
On-line lessons on how to use technologies.
Info on Japanese language settings on your PC.
Free download for Japanese Kyookasho-tai font

Technology: Web Tools

Free audio editor.
Exercise maker: crossword puzzles, cloze exercises, multiple-choice questions, etc. Free for educational use.
ClozeMaker, MatchMaker, MultiMmaker PuzzleMaker, etc. Japanese language is available except for DHTML Makers.
Java script/applet for free.
Fun exercises such as Jeopardy-style games as well as usual exercises. A 30-day free version is available.
Movie editor (for a fee).
Lesson plans and web tools: Puzzlemaker, Quiz Center, Clip Art Gallery, etc.
TrackStar, QuizStar, Web Worksheet Wizard, etc.