The Worst or Best Day Ever

Andrew Farrell – 6:43, drama

A man wakes up late for work and his day only gets worse from there. After being robbed at gunpoint, he finds shelter in a local coffee shop and encounters a kind barista.

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One Response to The Worst or Best Day Ever

  1. Khader Welaye says:

    A nice short piece! I think you did the tension in the car on the way to work well.

    I was wondering if working a 16 hour shift was his punishment for being late!

    The robbery scene was also done well, criminal in the making 😉

    Some filming recommendations: For dark scenes like in your car, I’d recommend getting a mountable soft light from IT. It will help balance things so you don’t get all those awkward weird colors in the dark. A few of the transitions were a little rough but that probably would have been better with more time to work.

    Nice clip!

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