Three Students Make a Porno

Vicente Aberion – 6:38, drama/comedy

Overachieving UW Bothell student tries to enlist the help of friends to complete his final video project. (Contains strong language, adult themes.)

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3 Responses to Three Students Make a Porno

  1. thevarbarion says:

    Overall, I think this video turned out good. I really wanted to focus on dialogue and audio quality, as it was something I wasn’t very good at doing at the start of the class.

    One of the main challenges in creating this video was working with my crew’s schedule and making time to meet and film. Also, finding suitable filming locations was a challenge, and even though I ended up using the study rooms which I hate filming in, the end product turned out alright.

    I think I should have made a greater effort to meet deadlines with my pre production work, but hindsight is in 2o/20.

    I really enjoyed making this video, and so did my friends. I posted it on facebook yesterday morning, and it had 300 views at the end of the day, which is a success in my book. 🙂

    Its cool looking at my past videos and seeing the progression I have made. Great class, I learned a lot about media production!

  2. bryank says:

    Must say this film was very well made. It was a splendor to watch. Very funny, with a nice script. I liked how you handled the camera. Great job. Good story that worked with all you cuts and techniques. Well done!!!

  3. thesuspence says:

    I really like your comedic style that you put into your films! The script, the range of angles, and the narrative flow works really well here. I feel that comedy is something that can be hit or miss in a lot of small films, and you do a great job of really being able to flesh that out here. The characters also don’t feel one-dimensional either, it feels like there is some life in it.
    Great job! I enjoyed it!

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