The Medic (Evan’s cut)

Ben Strickland & Evan Fujioka – 3:51, horror/thriller

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2 Responses to The Medic (Evan’s cut)

  1. sstasyuk says:

    I really enjoyed Ben and yours video, very well crafted. In particular, the way the soundtrack complimented all the visual motion and transitions. The bass in the soundtrack also gave it a very cinematic feel. Acting was awesome and the special effects/blood was cool.

  2. Evan F says:

    My first critique of my video is that i would have done things differently given more time. This cut also got exported wrong and end clipping point wasn’t set. I feel that with what time was available me and Ben were able to craft and tweak this for the narrative to make sense. I enjoyed the various techniques we were able to use to get some of our shots and had a blast with all the fake blood.

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