The Date Takes Two (Elli’s cut)

Elli Therrien & Annie Nguyen – 5:03, drama

Elli and Annie’s friendship is tested when they end up dating the same man.

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2 Responses to The Date Takes Two (Elli’s cut)

  1. ellit says:

    This project challenged me by using the techniques we have learned throughout the quarter. I executed 180 degree rule and the rule of thirds. It was really helpful to have the pre production documents, it helped to guide each of our scenes. I enjoyed being creative with the footage we captured. Filming was fun and successful.

    Annie and my video took on different perspectives from each character. So that the audience would get both sides to the story of what happened to the two friends. I am very satisfied with the way my film turned out and working as a team with Annie and Evan.

  2. annie21091 says:

    Ellie’s cut was great at following the storyboard. She did a good job with taking the story from my (Annie’s) point of view. The voice over when we were on the phone was very clear and made it fit in the sequence. Her voice was also “phone like” as well which made the audio more interesting to listen to. The color balance was a lot clear. There was no weird colors that you could see from the florissant lighting in the hallway. Also the range of shots were also different from past videos. She used the close up shots really well! She really wanted to do the close up shots because you had said that we shouldn’t be scared of it so she really wanted to incorporate that. Her transitions were also clear and and smooth from scene to scene. The conversation scenes were great at going back and forth between both of us.
    Overall I thought her cut was really well thought out.

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