All In (Chak’s cut)

Chak Yeung & Edras Romero – 4:40, drama/comedy

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3 Responses to All In (Chak’s cut)

  1. Grant Nash says:

    This video made me laugh a lot. There were a lot of random things, but overall they were humorous and helped the narrative. Overall, I thought this was a very well done and a hilarious project overall.

  2. ekuwornu says:

    This is a wonderful piece put together and is so hilarious. In a whole I enjoyed every bit of it. Keep it up chak.

  3. chaksumy says:

    I really enjoy shooting this project because it gives me an opportunity to meet new friends and work with numerous of crew members. As a director, I believe that I have a good preparation before the production. In this project, I use 3 cameras from different angles and 1 shotgun mic during the production. By using more equipments at the same time, it helps speed up the production time and efficiency.

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