All In (Edras’s cut)

Chak Yeung & Edras Romero – 4:40, drama/comedy

Bored with their class assignments, two students decide to play poker.

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2 Responses to All In (Edras’s cut)

  1. ekuwornu says:

    Good job Edras. You were able to put these pieces together in a sequential manner.
    Keep it up.

  2. edrasr says:

    The production of this film was long to film but fun to shoot because of the actors wiliness to participate in it. As this was a production collaboration Chak we did our best to use different cuts and and scenes to have different angles. What I would change in this film would be to add more action, rather than just 3 students siting, for added challenge I would have included a scenario before the poker game. Over all the film was a great experience and create more narrative story using the feedback and lessons I got through this course.

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