Once Upon a Very Long Time

Khader Welaye – 5:50, drama/reflective

Young Alex struggles to know where he really wants to go in life, and what path will take him there.

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One Response to Once Upon a Very Long Time

  1. Khader Welaye says:

    This was a very personal project for me, due to me giving Alex many of my aspirations in the initial script.

    A LOT changed from the initial inception of this idea to the final product. Firstly, I didn’t want to be playing Alex. I wanted to be behind the scenes, but I couldn’t find anyone who could commit the time to play Alex’s role.

    Sound was also an issue, as you might have noticed the quality is sometimes good, sometimes bad. I figured out the boom mic and how to use and amplify it properly, but I had two instances where my boom operators (Jason Pace and a little girl) forgot to turn on the Marantz audio recorder I was using, and another instance where the battery died. I was able to do some post production on the audio to increase audibility but the vocals weren’t ideal.

    Lastly, post production was an absolute nightmare this time around. I was having a lot of compatibility issues with my footage, and by the time I had gotten them figured out, I had caught the flu and was barely able to function, let alone edit. I managed to redo my piece with the corrected footage and get everything put together, but it was a week of absolute torture.

    Although this piece had many shortcomings, I’m still happy with the way it turned out.

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