The Seventh Seal (Megan’s cut)

Spencer Borek & Megan Pearson – 6:00, drama/thriller

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2 Responses to The Seventh Seal (Megan’s cut)

  1. meggzyp says:

    This was a fun but very challenging product to work on. It required a lot of planning and thinking of our story line to make sure it would make sense in the end. But it also allowed for some mystery because when it got to the quick trailer cuts we didn’t have to explain how the visuals happened in the story, but instead just that they did and that they (hopefully) looked cool.
    It required us to get a lot of shots in production, especially because we wanted to try and have at least a few different cuts between mine and Spencers versions. This was also very challenging when in came to post production as well. Finding both sound effects and music that would sync to the beat of the cuts we were trying to put in. If I were to do this again I might spend some time listening to potential tracks I could use before I plan out the whole trailer. It seemed like it was a miracle when I finally found music that matched perfectly! But next time, it would provide more security to know which music I would want to use before piecing the scenes together.
    All in all, this was by far my favorite media project Spencer and I had made, and I am proud of our work!

  2. bryank says:

    Must say this film was very well made. From its acting to the different type of cuts. This film was a great film. It had good ideas and great techniques. Also it was just pleasing to watch. A great job and a great film.

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