Expect the Unexpected (Anusha’s cut)

Yanet Cuevas & Anusha Fatima – 3:01, drama/comedy

Two students are set on a collision course.

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One Response to Expect the Unexpected (Anusha’s cut)

  1. anusha92 says:

    This video has been my favorite and the best media task I have worked in this class. I believe that this is a great video, not because I am being biased but because my partner and I spent many hours working on filming and shooting. I also think that I used many varieties of shot and editing this was the hardest part. Shooting different shots were not as hard as putting them together specially when I showed back to back shots making it seem like there are multiple cameras around the story, when only there was one person shooting and ONLY one camera to shoot with. I am very impressed with the amount of work and hours I put into this prompt. The range of shots, focus, lighting, and the composition were something I tried to have my main focus. I hope you enjoy the twist of this story as much as I did.

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