Shop Until You Drop

Yomara Bedolla – 3:21, drama/comedy

A young woman wakes up to her version of a perfect day.

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2 Responses to Shop Until You Drop

  1. yomarab says:

    Preproduction ran pretty smoothly, except for the fact we had to get permission to shoot inside the mall. I was inspired by the song playing the background “Perfect Day”, trying to embrace my inner legally blonde fantasy. I would say it turned out pretty successfully, even though the camera quality was less than desired, due to IT resources. I think I incorporated music and sound effects very nicely to string together the theme of the video. The cuts were clean and I improvised with pictures because I was not permitted to show specific store names due to mall regulations. I am content with my project.

  2. Vivian L. Wang says:

    I think your video is really fun and cute. Nice and steady shots and included shots from different angles. The zoom effect on the object’s facial expression is a nice touch to elaborate the emotions. Story was fun and had a surprise at the ending of the entire video being a dream. I like your use of b-roll and music, the volume are well adjusted. Some scenes were out of focus but overall really well done!

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