Pregnant Disaster (Yanet’s cut)

Yanet Cuevas & Anusha Fatima – 3:03, drama/comedy

Two strangers cross paths on campus.

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2 Responses to Pregnant Disaster (Yanet’s cut)

  1. fmcs says:

    This was a really good piece. I enjoyed the different music. The music matched the different situations of the two characters. The editing and camera work was good. It’s good that you used different angles for the scenes. I actually lied how you didn’t use natural sounds, I thought it made the movie better that you used just music, it helped establish the tempo. My only concern is that some of the clips were used more than once. Aside from that, I enjoyed the movie a lot.

  2. yanetc says:

    I think overall I did a good job on the ending result of my video. Although, this isn’t the final video I still am very happy with what I turned in. I think I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what would work best and in what sequence to place the clips to actually have the video flow well in order for the audience to understand the video.
    I added sound which is something I have not used before in my videos and I had fun with this assignment. I think this is one of the the best videos that I have turned in along with the PSA assignment. There was a variety of shots that were used in this film which is something I am proud of. I didn’t really notice all the angles and things you need to be aware when filming and now I am happy that I got the chance to learn a lithe more about video production.

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