Two Men, One Blokus

Rachel Kiossovski – 4:07, drama/comedy

Things get serious when two men play a “friendly” round of the board game Blokus.

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  1. rachelkiossovski says:

    I really wish I had more time for this video! I wasn’t able to get a hold of a tripod or a lighting kit, so I tried to make my best attempt at it without the two. I used books, and my hand when it came to trying to keep the camera still. I also used standing lamps but it doesn’t really show very well, probably due to the dark lighting outside (location of video was the living room). My audio cuts off here and there because I detached the audio and couldn’t exactly reattach it. I learned a lot, especially when it came to my music I had inserted. A lot of it didn’t transfer when I submitted the video, and I tried to re-do the sounds, but didn’t have much luck. If I had more time I would re-shoot it completely probably, and get a second external microphone so each of the guys could have one (IT desk didn’t allow me to take two, sadly). But, all in all, my video’s kind of a hoot, but it’s not quite the thriller I had in mind.

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