The Rival (Bill’s cut)

Bill Chau & Fernan Saulon – 2:59, drama/comedy

Student thinks back on his days of training for a big fight.

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2 Responses to The Rival (Bill’s cut)

  1. chaub says:

    I thought that the video was ok. It is about a student training to beat his rival. The color and lighting are a lot better than my older videos but lighting could still be improved. Some shots are dark because of the area they were taken in, especially the training parts. You can see the camera shaking in some shots too which could have been improved with a tripod. I would have liked some audio in the video to give some context to the plot but as it is, I think the video is okay. I don’t think there were any problems with production or post production.

  2. AlmacenI says:

    As with Fernan’s cut, the video followed the prompt. In comparison, the montage cuts were better. Putting more emphasis on the montage was a good choice. It created a longer build up that resulted in a comedic turn. Also, the music was a really nice touch. Overall, I liked this cut a little bit more.

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