Prince Charming

Charlene Truong – 4:02, drama/romance

The story of a girl and her secret crush.

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    My video clip is a drama/romance tale about a girl who secretly falls in love with a guy who doesn’t know her at all and she decides to confess to him.
    I think my video follows the prompt. I had to change some scenes from the story board in order to make the scenes more interesting.
    Most of my scenes were shot inside the house, and my main light is the light from the window, I set up another light behind the camera to balance the lighting. I also use the tripod and external microphone for this project. I used range of shots with different angles and applied rule of third on most of the scenes to increase the sense of depth and make the scene more interesting.
    Overall, I think I did a fair job on my project.

  2. rachelkiossovski says:

    I think the story itself is really cool, especially cause the boy didn’t really know the girl! But, the audio is a little awkward, just because you can hear the background and it’s kind of muffled. The shots are good though, for instance when she’s putting on make-up/earrings and it’s looking in the mirror, it’s really good because you can’t see the camera. The lighting is a bit off, but that could probably be fixed with a lighting kit, unless you had one (had the same problem myself). Some of the shots get blurry, so to avoid that by looking at the shot before shooting! Other than that’s it’s pretty fun!

  3. nkono713 says:

    Great work! Great camera angle for the mirror scene. The transitions were smooth. The voice over sounded muffled but the audio quality of the dialogue was clear. Some scenes were out of focus but followed the rule of thirds for the most part. Overall, good video.

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