Bad Day

Alicia Cortez – 2:48, drama/comedy

Some mornings are a challenge!

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2 Responses to Bad Day

  1. says:

    Nice video. Good range of shots, pretty clear narrative. The lighting could’ve been better during the shots with you and your computer. Also, the audio was a little faint at certain parts of your monologue. Overall pretty good video, very relatable.

  2. corteza says:

    This is a dramatic narrative of a typical bad day in the life of Alicia. A good range of different shots were included in the video, and I liked especially the shot from inside the refrigerator. The lighting didn’t turn out exactly how I had intended, and for some reason the video looked different in final cut pro, but If I had more time to work on the film I would definitely spend more time on lighting. The audio was a little quite during the shower scene as well as the computer scene, and it was hard to get clear audio during the computer scene because the heater turns on at random times and it was on or turned on every time I tried to film.

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