The Rivals (Fernan’s cut)

Bill Chau & Fernan Saulon – 3:00, drama/comedy

Rival students prepare for an epic showdown.

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3 Responses to The Rivals (Fernan’s cut)

  1. fmcs says:

    I think my final project was ok. I thought that the filming overall was good. I only wish that the part with the working out montage was different. I wish I was able to pan and make the camera move while filming. Some of the lighting in the montage wasn’t well lit. I wish I was able to use lighting for that scene. /post production-wise, everything went well. I didn’t have to change any of the color, since the color was already good.

  2. Mo says:

    Liked this video a lot. I thought it was very humorous as well as well done. There was good lighting throughout the video, although levels did vary. I like the added audio, as well as the audio in general was very clear. I think that there was a good amount of work done in post production, and a variation of shots that made watching it interesting and not monotone. Good lighting, good audio, and good post production, overall a good project.

  3. AlmacenI says:

    The production quality was good and the video followed through on the prompt. Lighting was good and the added sound effects were nice. The music also set the tone. Editing from the montage to the “battle” scene could have been done a little bit better. It should have been a more abrupt cut and then the battle scene itself could have been shorter. Overall, it was a good video.

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