Vivian Wang – 3:45, drama

Hard times for a once-beloved pet.

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  1. viviyueyue says:

    My video is a dramatic short about a pet who was loved by his owner at once but ended up being abandoned with the owner got a new boyfriend. This video is shot from a pet’s POV. Therefore, all the shots are shooting from lower angle. I think I followed the prompt, during pre-production I had times to shoot the events set up. Unfortunately, the weather was rainy (while the weather report said it was going to be a sunny thanksgiving!) so I wasn’t able to shoot accordingly. I had the difficulty with lighting because the weather is so dark out. At home, I only had over the head lighting. I ended up ripping the top part of my desk lamp off to use as a lighting kit for when shooting close shots of the human objects(since the lighting kit at ID desk is always unavailable). I also struggled whether or not I should use the “shaky cam” effect to demonstrate we’re looking from a pet’s angle, however, a student who commented on my rough cut pointed out she likes the shaky cam effect, it helped her understand she’s looking from a pet’s angle. I ended up using stable shots for most of the angles when the pet is still. When the pet is walking, i shakes the camera lightly to create the effect of the pet is wondering on the street, when the pet is running, i shakes the camera more to demonstrate running. I was worried about the varieties of range of shots since most shots are shot from bottom up, I think I managed to include a few different ranges in the video. I also had to add more to the initial script that I had planned to create the dramatic effect. Getting the music to match the scenes were challenging, I had to cut out different parts of the music in order to fit what’s going on in the video, I also had to adjust some clips to make the background noise lighter. Overall I think I learnt a lot making a longer video like this one, it’s different from making short videos like the previous ones, with more details to focus and correct.

  2. yomarab says:

    Very well done! You had the viewer’s emotional attention, it was very grasping. Great job on the angles of a dog’s POV. The story flowed really well and kept the viewer intrigued until the very end. The music went really well with the emotion flow of the video.

  3. liraw says:

    this video stands out to me a lot. i like the dogs point of view. that allowed you to get a variety of shots. the music was a good choice as well. i didn’t notice any blurriness or errors in the lighting. overall i feel that this video was well put together. you had different ranges of shots, lighting was on point, and the music was perfect in my opinion.

  4. I really liked this! I think everyone did 🙂 There was a great continuity and cohesiveness of the story. Filming from the angle of the dog rather than onto the dog was a wonderful idea that made the story that much more emotional. The pacing was really good. The cuts between scenes to show the progressive difference in the way he is treated then abandoned keep it from getting slow. The white balance was a little off in places and some scenes could have used a little more lighting but I think the darker scenes where the dog are left alone then someone walks in are well suited for the video and the point of view. Audio quality and levels were sometimes a little off but for the most part were good. Plus a grew use of b roll and shaky cam!

  5. yanetc says:

    I absolutely loved this video. It captured my attention right away and I loved the variety of shots that were used. I think it was a great idea that you were capturing the video in the eyes of the dog and that made a more interesting. Once again great job!!!!

  6. corteza says:

    This was a great video to watch! The different perspective was a great idea! You used a great variety of camera shots and it shows you took time by the car shots. The lighting could be improved a little, but it worked because it was from the dog’s point of view.

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