Kam U – 3:11, drama/thriller

The ghost of woman returns to haunt the man responsible for her death.

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2 Responses to Revenge

  1. yangqie says:

    You have a very dramatic story. Everything follows the prompt. However, your video is sort of shaky, I would suggest you to use tripod during shoot.

  2. kamu says:

    On this video I think I follow the prompt and my story is interesting. However, I received comments from professor on the rough cut. I felt like I could had so many parts to get improved. The lighting was a bit too dark, the camera was shaking a bit. And the audio level wasn’t good enough. I really want to reshot those but my friends and roommates are in stress studying that they really don’t have that much of time to do it with me again. I feel really sorry about that because I really wanted to make a better quality video as final cut.

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