What if Things Were Different?

Alex Rubens – 2:08, drama

A man reflects on his life and what might have been.

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3 Responses to What if Things Were Different?

  1. arubens says:

    I think that I followed the prompt quite well. I created a dramatic script that took a different tone than most. It wasn’t lighthearted and actually focused on a really in-depth subject that has personally affected my life. There were some things that I wish I would have been able to change, like the audio quality that resulted from using the school’s equipment and the lighting in some scenes, but it’s stuff that I would have been able to reshoot had I had the extra time that a more outside school shooting schedule would have allowed for. Additionally, I would have loved to get some more footage that accurately explained what happened when he died.

  2. monaresbritt says:

    I liked your video! It was a lot easier to see the distinction between the “what could have happened” and the “what actually happened” scenes. The only problem that I could think of was the volume level of the music in the background. If you would have turned that down a little bit, or maybe even have taken it out, then it would have made the video that much better. Other than that, great job!

    P.S- the music made it seem like he got abducted by aliens in the end. Haha!

  3. corteza says:

    Great video! It was a very clear narrative and you followed the prompt. The range of shots were good and I liked the close up shots when he grabbed the keys off the table. The lighting was good in the living room, but maybe could be improved during the keys scene. I liked the background music that you used also. Audio was a little quiet at times, but you could hear clearly what was being said.
    Awesome job!

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