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Although this page is no longer maintained, some of the links may be of use. Feel free to browse.

Ni hao!

Welcome to the Second-year Chinese home page!

Follow the links above for current information on second-year Chinese courses. The links below have not been updated since Spring 2005. They are retained because they may still be of interest to some students.

Supplementary Materials Packet

The student version of the Supplementary Materials Packet for Integrated Chinese Level 2 is available for downloading. (Instructors interested in using the free instructor versions of these materials should view this page.) Please note that these materials are designed for use with the older first edition of the textbook.

Check out some useful tips on how to do well in these courses.

Need help with pinyin? Try the "Pinyin Practice" web-based tutorial, available free at You may also find my review guide helpful. The review guide is also included in the Supplementary Materials Packets as an appendix.

You can find additional resources at the First-year Chinese home page. Check out their links page!

Want to do more with Chinese?

With the increasing importance of Asia and the Pacific Rim in the political and economic world, knowledge of Chinese has become an important and useful skill. If you are enjoying learning Chinese, you should consider some options for further study and for formalizing your knowledge with a degree.

Resources for Chinese computing

This is a list of some resources available on the web which you may find useful. I'll try to update and expand this short list over time.

Interested in learning more about the Chinese language?

Chinese is a fascinating and complex language, with a long rich history. If you are interested in learning more about Chinese -- what makes the dialects different? how did the writing system develop? what did Chinese sound like 2,000 years ago? how do tones affect poetic practice? -- the following books may be of interest to you. You should also consider taking Chinese 342 "The Chinese Language", usually offered winter quarter, which covers these and other topics.