Earth and Space Sciences 502, Winter 2018
The Solid Earth

Instructor: Ken Creager

Office: ATG 222
Office Hours: by appointment
Telephone: 206-685-2803
Mondays and Wednesdays 10:00-11:20 in JHN 027

Tentative Schedule: Subject to change as we go:

Note that course materials (as pdf files) are linked to the right.

Jan 4 Lecture 1; read Fowler Ch 3

Jan 9 Lecture 2: Earth's Magnetic Field; read Vine and Matthews
Jan 10 Discuss: Vine and Matthews (Homework 1: Vine and Mathews due)

Jan 16 Lecture: Standard Model
Jan 17 Lecture Tomography (Homework 2: Magnetics due); read Fowler Ch 7

Jan 22  Tomography continued
Jan 24 Lecture Heatflow

Jan 29 Lecture Heatflow
Jan 31 Discuss Grand et al. (Homework 3 due)

Feb 5 Lecture Gravity
Feb 7 Discuss Plate Motions Paper: Lithgow-Bertelloni and Richards (Answers to study questions due)

Feb 12 Lecture on Geoid and Plate Motion Modeling
Feb 14 Read Wells et al. 1998; small group discussion and class discussion

Feb 20 (Tuesday) Student Presentations on layered vs whole mantle convection
Feb 21 Read Peacock or Preston or Hacker on Intermediate-focus earthquakes; discuss outside class and then in groups in class

Feb 26 Read Bostock, Blakely or Hansen on Serpentine Wedge; discuss outside class and then in groups in class
Feb 28 Read Rogers and Ide or Wech or Houston on Tremor and slow slip; same process as above

Mar  5 Read/discuss  Royer,  Schmandt, Shelly
Mar  7 Read/discuss Wiens, Atwater, VanWagoner, Hotovec

Mar 12 Group Presentations  10:00-11:20 (Finals week)
Mar 15 Final Papers due
Course Syllabus
How To Read Sci Article
How To Review Sci Article
Lecture 1
Homework #1 Vine&Mathews
Earth Magneitic Field continued
Lecture 2 Earth Magneitic Field
Homework #2 Magnetics
Scientific Writing Guidlines
Magnetic Field Reversal Website
Magnetic Field Reversal Movie
Pac/NA Plate Movie 14MB
Pacific Plate Movie 0-80My 4MB
Tomography Lecture
CIDER Seismo Garnero
Tomography Frederik Simons
Grand et al
Homework #3 Heat & Grand paper
Anderson 2001
Lecture Heat Flow