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hdrscope is a software program capable of performing High Dynamic Range (HDR) image processing and analysis for architectural lighting design. The software builds upon the scene processing and simulation strengths of existing programs such as Radiance and Evalglare and provides a Graphical User Interface for manipulating HDR Images. Also included in this program is support for interactive image analysis through user-friendly tools for drawing regions, isolating them and performing statistical calculations that may be used for task space analysis.
The work behind the software formed the basis of the MS thesis of Viswanathan Kumaragurubaran in collaboration with Mehlika Inanici at the University of Washington, Seattle. The motivation, background information and methodology involved in creating the program is explained in the thesis document and can be downloaded from here. A conference paper stemmed from this work is published: Kumaragurubaran V and Inanici, M. “hdrscope: High Dynamic Range Image Processing Toolkit for Lighting Simulations and Analysis,” International Building Performance Simulation Association (IBPSA) 2013 Conference, Chambery, France, August 25-28, 2013.