IND E 593


Spring 2015


Tues  1:30-2:20



        W. Art Chaovalitwongse, Professor
        Phone: (206) 221-8045


Seminar Announcements:


Mar. 31, 2015                       Eunshin Byon, PhD

                                             Assistant Professor, Industrial and Operations Engineering, University of Michigan

                                             Importance Sampling for Reliability Evaluation with Stochastic Computer Models


Apr. 7, 2015                          Gador Canton, PhD

                                             Research Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, UW

                                             Biomechanics in Cardiovascular Disease: Imaging-based Numerical Modeling


Apr. 14, 2015                        E. Donald Clapp, III, MBA

                                             Affiliate Instructor, Industrial & Systems Engineering, UW

                                             An Enhanced Systems Engineering Development Model


Apr. 16, 2015                        Rebecca Taylor, PhD

                                             Postdoctoral Fellow, Biochemistry, Stanford University

                                             Form and Function in Multiscale Cardiac-Inspired Sensors for Experimental Biomechanics

                                             (Thursday) 12.30-1.20pm, Location: MEB 238


Apr. 20, 2015                        David Freeman, PhD

                                             Head of Security Data Science, LinkedIn

                                             Finding Spammy Names in Social Networks

                                             (Monday) 1.30-2.20pm, Location: 106


Apr. 21, 2015                        Ran Jin, PhD

                                             Assistant Professor, Industrial & Systems Engineering, Virginia Tech

                                             Ensemble Modeling via Design of Experimental and Observational Data Fusion in Manufacturing


Apr. 23, 2015                        Sam Davanloo Tajbakhsh

                                             PhD Candidate, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, Penn State University

                                             Fitting Gaussian Process Models Using the Sparse Precision Matrix Algorithm to Big Data

                                             (Thursday) 1.30-2.20pm, Location: MEB 251


May. 5, 2015                         Thomas Furness, PhD

                                             Professor, Industrial & Systems Engineering, UW

                                             Seeing Anew: Paradigm Shifting across the Virtuality Continuum…


May. 19, 2015                       Dr. Arun Jhaveri

                                             Certified Sustainable Development Professional/Senior Energy Adviser, Arun Jhaveri and Associates

                                             Energy, Sustainability and Climate Change


May. 26, 2015                       Lawrence MacDonald, PhD

                                             Research Associate Professor, Radiology, UW

                                             PET Imaging for Breast Cancer: clinical applications, requirements, and dedicated scanners


Jun. 4, 2015                          Joseph Hellerstein, PhD

                                             Senior Data Science Fellow, eScience Institute and Affiliate Professor, Computer Science and Bioengineering, UW

                                             David Beck, PhD

                                             Research Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering, UW

                                             Software Engineering for Non-Computer Scientists: An Essential Skill for Technical Professionals in the 21st Century

                                             (Thursday) 1.30-2.20pm, MEB 106


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