IND E 592


Winter 2015


Tues  1:30-2:20



        W. Art Chaovalitwongse, Professor
        Phone: (206) 221-8045


Seminar Announcements:


Jan. 13, 2015                        W. Art Chaovalitwongse, PhD

                                             Professor, Industrial & Systems Engineering and Radiology, UW

                                             Decision Models of Medical Signal and Imaging Data to Improve Medical Diagnoses


Jan. 20, 2015                        Mauricio G.C. Resende, PhD

                                             Principal Research Scientist,

                                             Packing with biased random-key genetic algorithms


Jan. 27, 2015                        Nikhil Devanur, PhD

                                             Researcher, Microsoft Research

                                             Fast Algorithms for Online Stochastic Convex Programming


Feb. 3, 2015                         Linda Ng Boyle, PhD

                                             Professor and Chair, Industrial & Systems Engineering, UW

                                             Quantifying road user safety


Feb. 10, 2015                       Jonathan T.C. Liu, PhD

                                             Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, UW

                                             Molecular biophotonics for cancer detection and surgical guidance


Feb. 17, 2015                       Ashis Banerjee, PhD

                                             Research Scientist, General Electric Global Research

                                             Integrated Modeling, Planning, and Control for Intelligent Automation

                                             12.30-1.30pm More Hall 230  


Feb. 19, 2015                       Chao Hu, PhD

                                             Principle Reliability Engineer, Medtronic, Inc., MN

                                             Toward Reliable Engineered System Design: Reliability-Based Design and Prognostics and Health Management (PHM)

                                             (Thursday) 3.30-4.20pm MEB 246  


Feb. 24, 2015                       Xiaodong He, PhD

                                             Researcher, Microsoft Research - Technology

                                             Affiliate Professor, Electrical Engineering, UW

                                             Deep Learning: for Machines to Understand Human Languages


Feb. 26, 2015                       Kaveh Bastani

                                             PhD Candidate, Industrial & Systems Engineering, Virginia Tech

                                             Sensor based Online Quality Assurance in Advanced Manufacturing and Service Systems using Compressive Sensing

                                             (Thursday) 3.30-4.20pm MEB 246  


Mar. 3, 2015                         Zelda Zabinsky, PhD

                                             Professor, Industrial & Systems Engineering, UW

                                             On Beyond LP:  Optimization of Complex Systems

                                             MEB 238


Mar. 12, 2015                       David Comber

                                             PhD Candidate, Mechanical Engineering, Vanderbilt University

                                             Rethinking Medical Robot Design with Additive Manufacturing

                                             (Thursday) 1.30-2.20pm MUE 153



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