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Veterans Affairs Medical Center – Pulmonary Consult Service

VAMC Contacts

Pamela Tucker
Phone: 206-277-6883

Faculty Contact:
Richard Goodman
Phone: 206-277-1879

Consult Team Structure

Attending physician
Pulmonary and critical care fellow
Senior resident (not present every month)
Medical student

Student responsibilities and activities

Now that there is a separate sub-internship in the Medical ICU at the VA, the students rotating on Med610 at the VA will work as part of the Pulmonary Consult service which provides pulmonary consultation services to the difference medical and surgical services in the hospital. The consult team's work generally begins around 8:00 AM when the team starts to review information on its existing patients from the previous day. After daily radiology rounds, the student will then spend the remainder of the day working with the consult team as it completes its daily work. The primary role will be to see and evaluate the consult patients. Students will spend time reading pulmonary function tests and will have the opportunity to observe bronchoscopies and cardiopulmonary exercise tests. Students will go to the outpatient pulmonary clinic on Tuesday afternoons where they will shadow one of the Pulmonary and Critical Care attending physicians. The typical day continues until the consult team’s responsibilities have been completed in the afternoon or early evening.

If the consult service's workload is low, the student may join ICU rounds (which start at 7:30AM on the 4East ICU) and observe the ICU team as it does its work. The student would then join the consult team when rounds or done or at the time of radiology rounds, whichever comes first. The first priority in your work is the consult team's work, however.

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Where and when to meet the team

Please contact the Student Rotations Coordinator, Mercy Sobrevilla prior to the start of your rotation to check on the status of your computer access.

Mercy Sobrevilla
Phone: 206-277-6883

If you already have an ID badge and active computer access for the VA  Medical Center, you may report to the team room on the 4th floor of  the Seattle VAMC (Building 100 Room 4D-178) at 7:15AM. If no one is  there, call the operator and ask them to page the pulmonary fellow or  the pulmonary attending physician and they can help you locate the team.

If you do not have an ID badge and/or computer access, you must  obtain these prior to beginning  your work and meeting the team. Please contact Mercy Sobrevilla (206-277-6883 or you have not already received information and forms for this process. The process is complicated and takes time so do not delay completing the required paperwork and other aspects of the process. To get a VA ID badge, you must bring TWO forms of photo ID. A Husky card or expired VA badges are not considered a valid ID but active hospital IDs from the UWMC or HMC are okay, as are a valid driver's license and passport.

If there are any problems, please contact Mercy Sobrevilla at the information provided above.  Once you have  completed your computer training and obtained your access codes and  ID badge, you can meet the team. At this time of the morning, they  will typically be rounding in the MICU on the 4th floor. If they are  not there, then you can look for them in their team room (4D-178) or  you can page the pulmonary fellow or attending on call for help  finding their current location.

Driving Directions

The VA Medical Center is located at 1660 South Columbian Way, south of downtown Seattle. For directions to the VA Medical Center from the UW Medical Center, go to MapQuest.

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Conference Schedule
Attendance Required

Print conference schedule [16k PDF*]

Day/Time Conference Location
Thursday 12:15PM Seattle Area Chest Grand Round HMC R&T Building
Thursday 1:30PM Respiratory & Critical Care Conference HMC R&T Building
Thursday 2:30PM Pulmonary Student Seminar HMC R&T Building

Attendance Encouraged

Attendance at the following conferences is highly encouraged but at the discretion of the attending and fellow based on team and student workload

Day/Time Conference Location
M,T,W,F 10:00AM Morning Report 4B-102
Monday 12:30PM Core Teaching Conference 4B-102
Tuesday 5:00 PM Post-Pulmonary Clinic Conference 1W Clinic
Wednesday 12:00PM Chief of Medicine Rounds 4B-102
Wednesday 1:00PM Tumor Board BD-152
Thursday 8:00 AM Medicine Grand Rounds (video link) 4B-102
Friday 1:30PM Pathology Conference BD-152

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