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NUTR 531

Public Health Nutrition

Nutritional Sciences

University of Washington


Class Presentations


Learning Objectives



Class Project 2016: Comparing Winter Produce in Supermarkets & Farmers Markets

Class Project 2015: Time for Lunch at School

Class Project 2013:  Access to Drinking Water

Class Project: 2012: WA State Dept. of Agriculture Farm-to- School

Class Project 2011:  WIC Family Food Access

Class Project 2010: Policy Analysis of Nutrition Standards for Institutional Purchasing of Food by State Government

Class Project 2009: Assessing School Wellness Policies in King County Schools

Class Project 2007:  Start Strong

Class Project 2006:  Healthy Eating by Design Evaluation

Class Project 2005:  Food Insecurity & Obesity in WIC Clients

Welcome to Nutritional Sciences 531: Public Health Nutrition

This course is designed for graduate students in Nutritional Sciences and Public Health.  A course in introductory nutrition is a prerequisite.

The course will include both didactic and experiential components.   Students are expected to be active participants and independent learners in this graduate course.

In Winter 2013 the class will meet Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 8:30-9:50 and Fridays from 12:00-2:50 in room HST 359.




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