Digital Photogrammetry and GIS
caurse was taught by Dr. Moskal at MSU in 2004, 2005 and 2006

To develop an understanding of photogrammetry fundamentals and the ability to derive precise measurements from hardcopy and digital aerial and satellite imagery. Students will be presented with the most common photogrammetric processing techniques, and a firm theoretical and practical background in photogrammetric applications including integration with Geographic Information Systems (GIS).



2006 Missouri State University Mountain Grove Campus Mapping Project

Team Leader - Jon Woosley

Team Members - Nick Chase, Eric Ertl, Elizabeth Gordon and Jim Guy

2005 The Tumbling Creek Cave Historic Land Use/Land Cover Change Mapping Project

Team Leader - John Carey

Team Members - Nathan Bruns, Jennifer Haack, Marcus Heilman and Danny Kushins

2004 Mapping and 3D visualization of the Missouri State University Springfield Campus

Team Leader(s) - Bobby Touzinsky, Michael Addis, Shannon Lear

Team Members - Jason Carrier, Tracie Cupp, Stephen Harper, Nathan Huggins, Ryan Kelly, Tyler Moore, Brian Ridinger and Nic Scheader

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