Physics 119 Waves & Optics Lab

Due Dates

Assignment Due date & time Make up policy
Online Pre-Lab Sunday night, 11:59 PM before lab session begins. Never.
In-class session Attendance required at scheduled time for section. Attend another session during week, or attend make-up week session.
Online Post-Lab Sunday night, 11:59 PM, following lab session. Automatic request from WebAssign for one 24 hr period within 7 days of due date. A 40% penalty is applied. After 7 day period, no make-up allowed.

Attendance is required to the regularly scheduled lab section. The TA will initial the lab papers at the end of the In-Class session and record satisfactory completion of the in-class part. Students must have the TA's final initials in order to assure credit for attending the session. Make-ups are allowed during another session in the same week, or one lab may be made-up during the make-up week without special permission.

The deadline for all online homework is 11:59 PM Sunday night.

The Lab Policies Quiz is due at the end of the first week. An automatic extension for the quiz may be requested from WebAssign within two weeks after the deadline, which will cost 1 point (out of 6).

Pre-Labs must be completed before the In-Class sessions meet and will be made available about a week before. No make-ups are allowed for missed Pre-Labs.

Post-Labs should be completed after you attend your lab session and will be made available during the week that the In-Class session meets. An automatic extension may be requested from WebAssign within 1 week of the deadline, and a 40% penalty applies. Past the 1 week make-up window, no make-ups are allowed for Post-Labs, except in the case that an In-Class session is completed during the make-up week and the student has not already submitted answers to the Post-Lab.

Any other assignments may have due dates set according to the instructor's preference.