Physics 119 Waves & Optics Lab

Missed work / Make-up policy

Missed In-Class Sessions

A student who misses an In-Class session (or who expects to miss a session due to travel or other conflicting activity) may make-up the session by (1) attending another lab section during the same week, or (2) attending a session during make-up week. Different procedures and rules apply to the different ways of making-up the missed lab.

Option (1): Make-up during the same week as missed session

A student who misses a session may request permission to attend another lab section during the same week. The following special rules apply:

Option (2): Make-up during last week of term: "make-up week"

If a student cannot make up a missed session during the week, he or she may, without special permission, make-up one missed lab session during the final "make-up week" of the term. A student may not make up more than one lab without special permission from the faculty in charge of the course, and the absolute limit on make-up sessions a student may attend during make-up week is TWO. If the student has missed more than 2 lab sessions by the end of the term, he or she will either need to accept a zero for the missed sessions, appeal for a hardship withdrawal from the course or petition the instructor for an incomplete in the course.

Sign-ups for make-up week sessions will be done online or by a paper sign-up sheet posted in the lab rooms according to instructor preference. Students will be notified about how to sign up for a make-up session by email, a notice on their course webpage, a posting on the door of the lab, or some combination of these. This information concerning sign-ups for make-up week will be made available to all students near the end of the term.

Rules concerning Post-Labs and In-Class make-ups

If a student misses an In-Class session, he or she should not attempt the online Post-Lab because some Post-Lab questions may require data collected during the lab, and once the Post-Lab has been attempted it will not be released after the student completes a make-up lab (see below). However, the student is allowed to attempt a Post-Lab without having completed the In-Class session; there is no penalty for doing so.

If the make-up session happens within the week, the student should complete the post-lab as normally scheduled. If the make-up session happens during the make-up week (or any other time), the Post-Lab due date will be reset to allow it to be completed without a penalty, as long as the Post-Lab has not already been attempted.

A make-up for an In-Class session is only allowed if the score for that session is missing or 0. Lab make-ups may not be used to obtain penalty-free access to the associated Post-Lab homework.

Missed Online Homework

Missed Pre-Labs

Make-ups for Pre-Labs will not be allowed for any reason. If there is a valid reason for missing a pre-lab, the score for it may be excused from the final grade calculation at the discretion of the TA or instructor.

Missed Post-Labs (only)

If a student has completed the In-Class session but missed the associated Post-Lab, he or she can request an automatic extension from WebAssign. The link for requesting an extension is visible near the link to the assignment after the due date has passed. Extensions are granted for 24 hours as long as that 24 hours fits within a 7 day period following the due date. Beyond the 7 day period, no make-ups on post-labs will be allowed.

Post-Lab extensions are granted only after the due date has passed. Requests for extensions of a post-lab that come before the due date will be ignored.

There is a 40% penalty applied to a Post-Lab extension.

If the student has not yet completed the In-Class session and also not attempted the associate Post-Lab, the Post-Lab due date will be reset after the In-Class session is completed during make-up week, and no penalty will be applied.

However, the due date will not be reset if the Post-Lab has already been submitted, even if the student has completed a make-up lab at a later date.

If the student has a valid reason for missing a Post-Lab deadline one of two options will apply: If the student has completed the assignment within the 7 day extension window, the penalty may be removed from the post-lab score. Or, if the student has not completed the post-lab and the 7 day extension window has passed, the instructor may excuse the assignment from the student's final scores.

Students are not allowed to use an automatic extension to "fix" incorrect answers that have been submitted and graded in order to recover lost points. Such action will be regarded as cheating and a student who does this will be cited for academic dishonesty.

A poor score (even a zero) on a post-lab may not be remedied by attending an In-Class make-up session during make-up week if the student already has credit for completing the In-Class session.

Assignment Excuse vs. Assignment Extension

To "excuse" an assignment means to remove the score from the final grade calculation. To "extend" an assignment means to allow a student to make-up the assignment past the due date. The only usual extension without penalty of an assignment is for post-labs following the completion of a missed In-Class session. An excuse requires a valid reason.

Valid Reasons for an Assignment Excuse

Valid reasons for having a pre-lab or post-lab score excused from the final lab grade are

Other reasons may also be deemed valid by the instructor.

Not Valid Reasons for an Excuse

Nearly anything that does not fall into the above short list will be regarded as not valid reasons for missing a WebAssign deadline. Here are some examples: