Physics 119 Waves & Optics Lab


Online homework: Pre-Labs, Post-Labs, and a Policy Quiz are hosted by WebAssign through UW Canvas:

Gaining access to your WebAssign assignments

WebAssign homework for Physics 117, 118 or 119 should be accessed and completed through the UW Canvas system. In order for your assignments to be correctly graded, you should get to them through the Assignments links on the Canvas home page for the class, not through the WebAssign home page.

When you access WebAssign from Canvas for the first time, a new WebAssign account will be created for you. This account will be separate from any existing WebAssign account that you get to through using your UW NetID (e.g., as used in previous Physics or Math classes) or other credential. Any future class that uses WebAssign with Canvas integration will automatically log you into this linked WebAssign account from Canvas.

You do not need a "class key" to create your Canvas-linked account. Enrollment into the WebAssign roster is handled by Canvas and its link to WebAssign.

All of your assignments should now be accessible directly through Canvas. The scores from WebAssign will automatically appear in your Canvas gradebook for the class.

Payment to WebAssign

When you log in to WebAssign for the first time, a banner will appear that will request an entry code or payment. You must pay for the lab course via PayPal with a credit card or PayPal account. There is a two-week grace period at the start of the term where you may work on WebAssign assignments without payment. After that period, you will be blocked from further access until you pay for the class.

The lab course for physics 117, 118, or 119 is separate from the lecture, and requires a separate online payment. You cannot use an access code from the bookstore or a text to gain access to the lab materials.

For any and all questions about student accounts and payment options, please contact WebAssign’s Student Support.

WebAssign FAQs

Many common questions about WebAssign are answered in the labs FAQ page. If you have questions about getting and paying for WebAssign account, how grades are calculated and how questions or assignments are created, please have a look at this FAQ.

Here are some longer answers to common problems: