Physics 119 Waves & Optics Lab

Grade Policies

The total number of points for the lab course is 180. The parts of the course will be graded as follows.

In-Class Sessions

In-Class work will be graded credit/no-credit. Credit = 10 points. No-credit = 0 points. If a student attends the session and makes a good-faith effort to complete the experiment, he or she will be awarded full credit. The total number of points for the In-Class sessions is 80.

Online Homework

Online Homework will be graded automatically by WebAssign. Pre-Labs are worth 5 points each, Post-Labs are worth 7 points each, and the Lab Policies Quiz is worth 4 points. The total number of points for the online homework is 100.

Questions will be graded immediately and students may submit answers to questions up to 5 times for numerical-entry or formula-entry questions but only 1 time for multiple-choice, multiple select and true-false questions. (Depending on the question, the attempt-number policy may vary at the discretion of the instructor.)

Extensions on late Post-Labs will cost 40%. However, if the reason for needing a post-lab extension is considered valid, the instructor may remove the penalty. See "Valid Reasons for an Assignment Excuse" under Make-Up Work.

Extensions on the Lab Policies Quiz will cost 1 point.

Final Grade

Physics 119 is a credit/no-credit (C/NC) course. To obtain credit a student must pass both the In-Class and the Homework parts of the lab course. To pass the In-Class part of the lab the student must attend all In-Class sessions (either as regularly scheduled or as make-up), that is, get 80/80 In-Class points. To pass the Homework part the student must earn at least 50%, or a minimum of 50/100 of the lab Homework points. Failure of either part of the lab will result in no credit for physics 119.