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Hood Canal, located on the Kitsap Peninsula, spans over 60 miles. With breathtaking views of the Olympic Mountains and an abundance of bald eagles, it is one of the most beautiful locations in Washington State. One can find wildlife such as salmon, great blue herons, hawks, and the occasional pod of killer whales.

Naturally carved out by a glacier, Hood Canal is the deepest of the four basins in Puget Sound. Depths in Hood Canal reach up to 180 meters in some locations. Flushing rates are the lowest out of the four basins (HCDOP, 2005). It takes from six months to a year for water to exchange. This has resulted in low dissolved oxygen levels in the Hood Canal basin. Studies dating back to the 1940s show that dissolved oxygen was low in Lynch Cove. Subsequent studies, dating back to the 1950s, have shown that low dissolved oxygen levels began in the south end of the canal and are now moving north (Long, 2007). Low dissolved oxygen levels are due to both natural and anthropogenic causes such as excess nutrients from non-point sources, low circulation and flushing, total nutrient load, and seawater stratification (HCDOP, 2005).

The purpose of our study was to sample locations throughout Hood Canal. On May 11th & 12th, 2012, we surveyed Hood Canal for temperature, salinity, density, dissolved oxygen, fluorescence (Chlorophyll), transmissivity, secchi depth, nutrients, phytoplankton, zooplankton, plastics, and sediments. On this website, you will find our results.
Station Information
Station Number Station Name Latitude (N) Longitude (W) Depth (m)
1 Sill 47.800333 -122.69913 56.2
2 Bangor West 47.74015 -122.768633 15.5
3 Bangor Center 47.73163 -122.758867 106
5 Hazel Point 47.68255 -122.763466 80
6 Calibration Point 47.658333 -122.8679 137
7 North Holly 47.618666 -122.936833 174
9 Hama Hama Center 47.547433 -123.0081 146
10 East Hama Hama 47.539166 -123.00206 13
11 North Dewatto 47.476583 -123.074333 164
13 Bam Ban Center 47.4219 -123.112533 126
16 Potlatch Center 47.371183 -123.131933 85
18 Potlatch South 47.3625 -123.1011 30
20 Sister Center 47.3567 -123.0233 53.8
23 Lynch Center 47.3983 -122.9283 19.8
25 Orca Buoy 47.385 -122.98 37.5
31 NE Hama Hama Seds 47.579883 -123.003833 16.5
32 Orca Buoy 1 47.375 -123.0083 63.4

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