ESS431: Principles of Glaciology

(ESS505, The Cryosphere)
University of Washington
Autumn, 2017

Exams Information and Study Questions

Be sure to read the notes on the right menu bar about writing a test.


The mid-term exam will be on Monday November 6.   The test will occupy the full class period, and it will be closed-book.

Study questions will be posted at right. The test will comprise a selection of those study questions.

We really, really, encourage you to work through the study questions ahead of the test, and to compare your approaches and answers with classmates.

Final exam
The final exam will be on Monday December 11, 2:30-420 pm, in JHN 022. It will be closed book, but calculators are OK. The 5 to 6 questions will be drawn from among posted Study Questions.