ME 354 Mechanics of Materials Laboratory – Autumn 2007




Homework 1 (Due Friday October 5 at 9:30) Solutions

Homework 2 (Due Friday October 12 at 9:30) Solutions

Homework 3 (Due Friday October 19 at 9:30) Solutions

Homework 4 (Due Monday November 5 at 9:30) Solutions

Homework 5 (Due Friday November 9 at 9:30) Solutions

Homework 6 (Due Wednesday November 21 at 9:30) Solutions

Recommended Review Questions


Homework Format

Please use the following requirements for submitting homework:

1. Engineering Paper ( Computer printout is acceptable)

2. Answer all problems in the following manner:

a. Given:

b. Find:

c. Assumptions:

d. References (“Text” is fine):

e. Free Body Diagram (neat).

f. Solution:

3. Please make the flow down and across the page. Do not jump around the page randomly.

4. Box all answers.

5. Use arrows or other means to convey where information came from, if it is not obvious.

6. If using a spreadsheet program, include a page showing all calculations.