ME 354 Mechanics of Materials Laboratory Autumn 2007


Course Notes


Some Salient Aspects of Mechanics of Materials


Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Stress, Strain and Constitutive Relations

Chapter 3 Beams: Strain, Stress, Deflections

Discontinuity functions

                         Comparison of disc. functions and FEA

                        Beam deflection examples

Chapter 4 Beams; Curved, Composite, Unsymmetrical

        Curved beams Problems

        Unsymmetrical beams and angle section properties

Chapter 5 Mechanical Properties and Performance of Materials

Plasticity relations

Strength theories

Chapter 6 Stress Concentrations and Stress Raisers

Chapter 7 Fracture

Chapter 8 Time Dependant Behavior: Creep

Chapter 9 Time Dependant Behavior: Cyclic Fatigue

                Data for fatigue design calculations

Chapter 10 Compression and Buckling

                  FEA examples

Chapter 11 Structures, Complex Stresses and Deflections

                 Energy methods

Chapter 12 Pressure Vessels

                Thin walled vessels

                Thick walled cylinders

                FEA derived stress distributions

                Shrink fit example