UW Physics 321-323 Electromagnetism: Resources

Web site for Phys 321, Autumn 2004
Web site for Phys 322, Winter 2005
Web site for Phys 323, Spring 2005

Equations to remember for 321
Equations to remember for 322
Equations to remember for 323

UW lecture demos for electrostatics


Introduction to Electrodynamics, by David J. Griffiths (Prentice-Hall). The near-standard undergraduate text.
Electromagnetism, Pollack and Stump. Resources (Michigan State University) and self tests.
The Feynmann Lectures in Physics, Volume 2 (Addison-Wesley). A genius's perspective.
Classical Electrodynamics, John D. Jackson (Wiley). The standard graduate text.
The Flying Circus of Physics, Jearl Walker


History of electromagnetism - time line

General sites

Hyperphysics - Electromagnetism
ActivPhysics Online - Electromagnetism
Electromagnetism - Open Directory Project
Lecture notes on Classical Electromagnetism ( Richard Fitzpatrick, U. Texas)
History of electromagnetism - time line
Electromagnetism animations (PSU)
Book on E&M by Bo Thide (Upsilon)

Applets for plotting electrostatic fields

2D Electrostatic field - (Paul Falstad)
3D Electrostatic field - (Paul Falstad)
Probe charge in user-choosable electric potential (Physlets at Davidson College)
Put charges where you want and plot the resulting field and potential contours (CalTech)

Fourier analysis Applet by Paul Falstad

Applets for plotting magnetostatic and electromagnetic fields

3D magnetic field
Lorentz force on charged particle (no E-field)
Lorentz force on charged particle (general case, Fu-Kwun Wang)
Motional emf? dc electric motor
Origin of magnetic force between wires thanks to Lorentz invariance (CalTech)


Levitating frogs and strawberries


Linearly polarized plane wave animation
Circularly and elliptically polarized plane wave
2D ac magnetic and electric fields - (Paul Falstad)
Fields of a moving charge (CalTech)
Loops of lines of force
On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies - by A. Einstein


Handout by Prof Miller
Electric dipole radiation on Wolfram


Skin depth calculator


Group velocity applets
Schroedinger wavepacket
Light faster than c Light slows to a crawl Light stopped


EM wave movies
Waveguide modes applet Waveguide mode diagrams
Cavity modes applet