The Date Takes Two (Annie’s cut)

Elli Therrien & Annie Nguyen – 6:51, drama

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3 Responses to The Date Takes Two (Annie’s cut)

  1. annie21091 says:

    I am pretty happy with my final project. As you can see Elli and I have totally different cuts yet we still have the same story line which I thought made our group project better. Elli and I did not work together on editing which I thought was good in the way that we came up with totally different edits and not of the same footage nor the same video. Our videos had more variety of scenes between both of ours instead of the same exact ones like other groups.
    From my first video to this video, it showed a lot of improvement through shots, editing and story line. It did take me a lot of time in the lab to edit this video because of the amount of editing and getting the right narrative sequence to make sense.

  2. ellit says:

    Annie did a great job at capturing the other side of our story. She was creative with the way she edited the each of the scenes when we were on the phone with each other. I like the way when began with Elli reflecting back on what happened to the friendship. This film turned great it had a perfect mix of drama and comedy! Nice work Annie!!!

    • ellit says:

      Thinking back on our production, it was very helpful working as a team. Annie filmed the perspective from my view and I filmed from Annie’s perspective. This helped with us both having enough footage so we could creatively create each side of the story. We worked hard at having clear audio, different range of shots and lighting. It was great working with each other on our two part film!

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