The Seventh Seal (Spencer’s cut)

Spencer Borek & Megan Pearson – 5:51, drama/thriller

Scene + theatrical trailer. Agents of a secret organization work to protect citizens from unnatural forces. When a powerful new threat emerges they must secure the Seventh Seal or risk ushering in the end of days. 

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2 Responses to The Seventh Seal (Spencer’s cut)

  1. Evan F says:

    I really liked your narrative as a whole and was very well executed, I also think you did a very good job with the audio on this. In post it is very evident that you took much time and care into adjusting all of the audio levels to achieve a good balance. I liked the variety of shots and locations that you used for this and the end result shows good planning and execution.

  2. thesuspence says:

    Megan and I had a lot of fun putting together this project. It was something that we became very passionate about from the beginning, so this helped us craft something along the lines of a tone that we both enjoy seeing in our hollywood media.
    With that being said, making a trailer isn’t easy. For us to get the range of shots that we did, especially with locations and people, it was down to the wire in terms of being able to put together this project. It mainly helped that we loved what we were making, because that can make all the difference when creating a project.
    Post-Production was by far the most challenging part, just because the script for the trailer didn’t work out to where certain sound effects that we wanted to use wouldn’t fit in the amount of time in between voice overs. So we needed to change quite a few things to create a constant rhythm of things to feel effective.
    Music was also a big deal for us, and going back on this project, I’d like to have figured out the music ands sound effects first, then fit it together based off of that. Movie trailers rely heavily on the sound, and I’d argue that is the main driving force that gives most movie trailers their kick, to convince you to go see this movie.
    Overall, this was a fun and challenging project, and I recommend to others to try making a movie trailer for a genre of film they enjoy.

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