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Whirlwind form-Z Animation

Also available as a PDF

Animation is thought of in terms of sequences of images. It can be divided into (1) sequences in which the camera position changes, (2) sequences in which the model changes (either geometry or attributes such as color or transparency), or (3) sequences in which both occur. The first kind has been available in form•Z for many years, but the latter has only recently become available. This tutorial describes procedures for doing both of the fundamental kinds of animation in form•Z.

The "Model Animation" section is further divided into sequences in which portions of the model moved about in the scene, and sequences in which model attributes change.

This tutorial and the PDF document were originally created by Nan-ching Tai in Autumn, 2006.

The graphic at left illustrates the model used for this tutorial, but 3D AXES HAVE BEEN ADDED to improve readability and clarity.

Last updated: April, 2014

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