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Adobe Premiere is one of the foremost movie-editing packages available to professionals for use on personal computers. At the same time, it remains possible for inexperienced users to create high-quality results if they know a little about the environment and take some care in setting up their projects.

Premiere Pro CS6
As of this writing, the version of Premiere available in the College of Built Environments is Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. This program is a Windows-only application, and there are a limited number of licenses, or "seats" available for students in the College.

Older versions (Premiere 5.1 and Premiere 6.0)
I am preserving the descriptions for the older versions of Premiere, but you will not need them unless you happen to have access to an older license elsewhere.

Premiere is a powerful tool, with a great many additional capabilities beyond those discussed here. If you are interested in the full set of functions, you should check out the documentation from the library.

Last updated: November, 2014

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