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EPI 538 / NUTR 538 

Fall Quarter  2012

Nutritional Epidemiology


Instructor: Shirley A.A. Beresford, PhD

Assessment of dietary intake has challenged studies of diet and disease risk for more than a half century. The course reviews current methods of measurement of dietary intake, discusses limitations and presents their application in recent research. The class also illustrates the application of epidemiological methods to current studies of nutrition and disease. Students work in pairs or small groups to lead discussions of a recent paper relevant to the topic of the day. Participation in the discussion is also considered an essential part of the class. The first part of the course provides a detailed study of some special methodological problems of importance in nutritional epidemiology studies.  In the second part, practicing epidemiologists will discuss their own research and the nutritional epidemiological principles involved in their evaluation of nutrients, foods, behaviors or commonly used indices as appropriate.

Offices: Epidemiology F255B
Office Hours: By appointment

Office Phone: 543-9512   

Department phone: 543-1065 (Epi);   543-1730  (Nutr)

Class Meeting Times and Location:             

Tuesdays and Thursdays

11:00 a.m. 12:20 p.m.   (Tues room T478 Thur room E212)

Prerequisites: EPI 511 or EPI 512 or permission of course director

Credits: Three, graded.


Recommended reading: Nutritional Epidemiology Walter Willett,

2nd edition, Oxford University Press, 1998 (Available from the University Bookstore or on reserve in the HS library)


Dietary Assessment Resource Manual FE Thompson

& T Byers, The Journal of Nutrition 1994; 124(11S)

(available on 3-day loan from F255)

Design concepts in Nutritional Epidemiology [edited by] B.M Margetts & M. Nelson, 2nd edition, Oxford University Press

Public Health Nutrition [edited by] M. Gibney, B.M Margetts, J.M Kearney , L. Arab, Blackwell Publishing


Student assignments: Lead four discussions as part of class (in a group);

Mid-term examination;

Short research proposal


Grading: Student participation     40%

Mid-term exam            15%

Research proposal and presentation 45%




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