ARCH 481: 3D Modeling and Rendering, University of Washington, Department of Architecture


Instructor: Brian Johnson, Autumn Quarter, 2017

Brief Course Description

Weekly lectures and exercises focused on understanding and applying the underlying principles of 3D computer graphics and rendering software. Topics include user interface issues, data creation and modeling, lighting models, smoothing, texture mapping, ray tracing, radiosity, animation, and solid modeling.


This course was developed and is usually taught by Brian Johnson, though it has been taught by a number of other, part-time members of the faculty.

Quarters Offered

The course is currently offered in Autumn and some Summer quarters. The Autumn offering is taught by myself, other offerings are presented by one of a number of other folks and may have a slightly different emphasis. Consult the university time-schedule for details.

This is where information about the conduct of the course is kept. For information on DOING the work, see other sections of this web site.

Contents of the Admin Area

Handouts (in PDF)

  • Arch 481 Project 9 (pdf) (posted: 11/21/17)

    Other Resources

    Suggested Projects: Starter Drawings

    If you are uncertain what to model, these projects may be used as the subject of your work this quarter. The links below lead to documents that may be saved to disk and printed out for your reference.

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