Earth and Space Sciences 202


Spring 2009

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Interactive Daily Tremor Map

This Dynamic Earth link

Plate Tectonic Movies
(Click on "preview page", under Plate Animation
then "downloads", among the grey buttons near the top)

Book - Living with earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest
Yeats, 2004 (at UW bookstore)

Final Project


Approximate Lecture and Reading Schedule
(pdf is generally posted a day ahead of the lecture,

sometimes the lecture is one class later than posted, 

assigned reading is from book by Yeats)

Mar 30 pdf   ppt   Intro, whole Earth       preface, pp.1-5

April  1  pdf   ppt   Plate Tectonics           pp. 7-13

April  3  More of the same file                 pp. 14-27

April  6   pdf   ppt  Faulting            This Dynamic Earth link

April  8   pdf   ppt  Seismic Waves     pp. 28-38

April 10  More of the same file            pp. 38-52


April 13   pdf   ppt  Sensors                pp.52-60
April 15   More of Sensors
April 17   pdf   ppt  Deep Earth

April 20
More of Deep Earth
April 22  pdf   ppt  Magnitudes
April 24 pdf   ppt  West coast tectonics        

April 27 more West coast tectonics
April 29 pdf  pptx  US Historic earthquakes
May   1 pdf  pptx Global Historic earthquakes

May   4  more Global Historic earthquakes
May   6  pdf   ppt Cascadia Megathrust              pp. 61-89
May   8  pdf   ppt  Cascadia Deep Earthquakes     pp. 91-107

May 11  pdf   ppt Cascadia Volcano Seismology
May 13 Josh Jones Global Volcano Seismology
May 15 Jody Bourgeois Tsunamis,      pp.216-239

May 18  pdf   ppt EQ prediction            pp.156-188
May 20  pdf   ppt Haugerud Seattle fault   pp. 108-155
May 22 more EQ prediction           pp. 260-279

May 25 Memorial Day Holiday
May 27 pdf   ppt Steve Kramer The Viaduct,  
May 29 pdf   ppt Tom Pratt Regional Hazards     pp.188-215

June  1  pdf   ppt Earthquake hazards I       pp. 279-294
June  3  pdf   ppt Earthquake hazards II      pp. 295-319
June  5  Earthquake hazards II continued

June  8  Final exam 2:30-4:20 p.m. JHN 175



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