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Dates Tuesday Thursday Fri Lab HW
P6 Presentations P6 Presentations

PF on P6 is due Monday, Dec 10 at 7 am, P7 Final project writeup is due Wednesday, Dec 12 at 7am


Below are summaries of all the materials for each class. This page will be populated throughout the course.

Sep. 27-- Introduction (slides)
Website: Gapminder Video

Sep. 28 -- InfoVis Overview
Lab assignment: NameVoyager exploration

Oct. 2 -- Graphical Excellence (prep, slides)
Readings: Few chapter 1; Tufte, The Visual Display of Quantitative Information, chapter 1 (link)
Optional Reading: Tufte, The Visual Display of Quantitative Information, chapter 2 (link)
Other: Tufte's prinples Summary

Oct. 4 -- Data & Tasks (prep, slides)
Readings: Few chapter 2; Shneiderman, "The Eyes Have It: A Task by Data Type Taxonomy for Visualization" (link)

Oct. 5 -- Introduction to Tableau (slides)
Websites: Tableau Software Registration link Portal link
Lab assignment: Assignment 3
Survey data:
Raw Cleaned Survey Questions

Oct.9 -- Graphs & Tables (prep, slides)
Readings: Few chapters 3 & 5; Few, "Save the Pies for Dessert" (link)
Websites: Few's quiz, Tufte's cancer rate table, VisCritiques, Randy Pausch,

Oct. 11 --Perception (prep, slides)
Readings: Few chapter 6
Assignment Calendar: PDF

Oct. 12 -- Advanced Tableau
Websites: Tableau Software
Lab assignment: Assignment 4
Survey data:
Updated data Tableau plugin for data shaping

Oct. 16--Design for Communication (prep, slides)
Readings: Few chapter 7& 9; Tufte, The Visual Display of Quantitative Information, chapter 2 (link)
Websites: VisCritiques, Data gathering PDF, HTML

Oct. 18 --Multivariate Complexity (prep, slides)
Readings: Tufte Envisioning Information chapter 1; Few chapter 11

Oct. 19 --Analyze Project Data
Websites: Tableau Software
Lab assignment:

Oct. 23--Micro/Macro & Small Multiples (prep, slides)
Readings: Tufte EI 2 & 4
Websites: The Storm Video After the Storm (PDF) TextArc Green Plant Hyberbolic

Oct. 25 --Exam Review (prep, slides)

Oct. 26--Mapping Lab
Websites: Tableau Software
Lab assignment: Tableau III, Maps in Tableau, Lab Notes, Tableau Map Slides

Oct. 39--Interactive Visualization (prep, slides)
Links: Interactive stacked histograms US Digital History Google Maps TableLens Pad++ Presentation Tool EZChooser Home Finder video
Cell Phone Finder
Blue Nile Diamond Search

Nov. 1--Trees and Networks (prep, slides)
Readings: Graph Visualization in Information Visualization: a Survey
Links: SpaceTree TreeJuxtaposer StarTree Walrus Smart Money's Map of the Market Marumushi newsmap SunBurst Animated radial graphs Vizster

Nov. 2--Comparison of Tree Visualization Tools (slides)
Websites: Tableau Software
Lab assignment: Tableau Trees Lab

Nov. 6--Grayscale and Layering (prep, slides)
Readings: Tufte EI 3, Bartram & Stone, Subtle Grids

Nov. 8--Case Studies (prep, slides)
Readings: Spence, chapter 2 (text, figures), and selections from chapter 6 (text, figures): Intro, 6.1, 6.2 and 6.5

Nov. 9--P4: Project Design Presentations
Websites: See Projects page
Lab assignment: Project Feedback Assignment

Nov. 13--Color (prep, slides)
Readings: Tufte EI 5; Stone Expert Choices (link)
Websites: Vischeck ColorBrewer Color Exploratory

Nov. 15 Presentation, Interaction, and Case Studies II (prep, slides)
Readings: Spence, chapter 5 (text, figures) Optionally chapter 4 (text, figures)

Nov. 16--Project meetings

Nov. 20--Jim Thomas, Director, NVAC (abstract, slides)
Website: National Visualization and Analytics Center

Nov. 22, 23--Thanksgiving Break

Nov. 27--Mary Czerwinski, Microsoft Research (prep, slides)
Website: Mary's website , Scalable Fabric FastDASH
Readings: Review Spence Chapter 6.1 (text, figures) on FishCal/DateLens.  I also recommend the 2004 TOCHI paper on FishCal/DateLens and its online appendix, which presents the instructions & tasks that were given to study participants.

Nov. 29--Polle, Fluid Documents (prep, slides)
Website: XFR
Readings: Required: CHI 1999 Fluid Links short paper, CHI 2000 Fluid Study paper
Optional: Ed-Media 2001 Fluid Primer paper, Hypertext 2002 Fluid Narratives paper

Nov. 30--P5: In-lab evaluation of project prototypes
Websites: See P5 Prep

Dec. 4--P6: Project Presentations

Dec. 5--P5: Project Presentations

Dec. 6--Wrap-up (prep, slides, flash overview)